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Football INDEX: Introduction to the risks and rewards

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Football INDEX is a revolutionary platform where you can trade shares in footballers for real money. Player values fluctuate based on performance, success and how much column space they take up in the news (for example transfer rumours).

Since inception in October 2015, Football INDEX is now home to over 100,000 traders. You can read over 200 positive Trust Pilot reviews and tap into a growing library of resources (including their own Football INDEX Trading & Academy School), to gain independent opinions and even follow other traders strategies. 


Video Introduction to Football INDEX


Understanding how to Sell is Key

Buying a player is a very simple process and the trade will be confirmed instantly after which the player will appear in your portfolio.

Selling on the other hand can take a lot longer and there are 2 options:

  1. JOIN SELL QUEUE - this option allows you to specify a price where other traders can purchase them from you
  2. INSTANT SELL - This allows you to sell instantly at a reduced price

The difference between the sell options can have a huge impact on the result of your trade.

In normal market conditions stipulating the price you want and joining the sell queue will likely give you the best result when you want to sell. Depending on how many traders are looking to buy, it may take you a few hours or in some cases a few days to sell, but you should eventually get the price you are after UNLESS....

Using an example of a player suddenly getting a long-term injury, the likelihood is that a lot of traders will immediately look to offload there shares of this player. This means there is far more demand for selling than buying. So, in this example if you opt to set the sales price yourself, be prepared for the market to drop below your ask price and miss your opportunity to sell. Using the instant sell will get you out of the trade straight away, but you will have no control of the sales price and it could easily be 10-20% below where you had hoped to exit.



Until the platform attracts a much larger volume of traders, I believe a longer-term buy and hold strategy of mainstream players will lead to more predictable results than trying to speculate on short-term player movements.

If you look back at the increase in values of players like Salah, De Bruyne, Kane and Ronaldo over the course of the 2017/2018 season, then a portfolio of these would've given a handsome return without having to 'trade'.

With that said, Football INDEX successfully caters for beginners through to professionals and so if you are not quite at the stage where you want to use this as an integral part of your wealth planning and build a substantial portfolio, you can always dip in and out on a casual basis looking to take advantage of individual player movements.

*Please do not take this review or summary as a constitute to buy/invest into Football INDEX.

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