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Soccer Manager Crypto - Launching Q4, 2018

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What do you get when you combine a Soccer Game with a Cryptocurrency?


One of the key catalysts that lead to the creation of Wall Street Soccer was a banner ad within Soccer Manager World promoting the planned launch of their newest Soccer Manager variation promising to be;


After reading the details for the first time (with a limited knowledge of Blockchain technology and multiple memorable Initial Coin Offering 'ICO' scam warnings in my recent news feed), my gut reaction was to dismiss their new gaming concept through fear it would be too challenging to attract a mass audience.

A few weeks on and whilst I feel a similar level of skepticism (towards the success of what I see as the only example of this type of game that I've come across so far), having read up as much as I can on the company that Soccer Manager are partnering with to deliver this 'Gaming Revolution' (Chimaera), I've gained sufficient confidence to step forward and get involved at this pre-launch stage.

Should they succeed in their efforts, I believe that early backers are poised to give themselves a huge financial advantage ahead of the mass-market joining.

With the Beta testing for the game not expected to start til Q4 this year, a decision to be involved from day one would require accepting the risk of investing into Chimaera's ICO token sale.

Having never transacted in a crypto-currency before, I found the sign-up process relatively simple to follow. It did require having to transfer from GBP to EUR then onto Ethereum so that it could be converted into CHI (Chimaera's crypto-currency symbol).

Now this is done, the wait begins.  I just hope that this calculated risk pays off and that my opening balance of SMC (Soccer Manager Coin) does end up giving me a competitive edge when Soccer Manager Crypto kicks off!

Introducing Soccer Manager Crypto

I am going to assume that the content on the following link will change over time, so I've extracted some of Soccer Manager Crypto's marketing bullet points:

Soccer Manager Crypto is a provably fair, decentralised, massively multiplayer football management game. This is the first game of its kind, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary.

Unlike existing games, this blockchain-based approach provides gamers with a real transfer economy. In-game currency, players, stadiums, and more are fully and verifiably owned by the players for transfer, trade, or sale.

Compete against other Managers and become the league champion and take part or run your own tournaments and compete for Soccer Manager Coins.

Soccer Manager Crypto will have its own in-game currency (SMC) for in-game purchases, player wages, trading with other managers, and more.

Assuming the game develops as quoted and more news becomes available on the lead up to their launch, I'd like to think that Soccer Manager Crypto will be a common topic for me blog about. 

Should the game actually go on to launch successfully, then if even a fraction of Soccer Managers 500,000 active players decide to test or convert across, this is when it really could become interesting (financially). 

Are you interested in Soccer Manager Crypto?

If the thought of managing a soccer team in an environment where you would own your players and stadium appeals to you then just drop me a line on

As further news on the game starts appearing, I'll provide regular updates and create a specific section within the site for all future Soccer Manager Crypto related content.

If you read anything I might not have spotted on Soccer Manager Crypto, please feel free to post the link in the comments section or email me directly at

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