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Cryptosoccr: The Future of Collectible Player Cards?

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At the time of writing this, Crypto Soccr has a grand total of just 74 users (of which I am one). Having read a solitary news article two weeks ago and the game rules when there were just 36 users (no official white-paper yet), I opted to use this opportunity to get involved and find out more!

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Introduction to Crypto Soccr

Cryptosoccr is a platform that is set up to provide soccer related services on the blockchain. It currently offers the opportunity to trade and collect 'smart contracts' of soccer players and place bets on live matches. It is yet to be confirmed if the ownership of the player smart contracts will give other in-game benefits.

How to buy Soccer Player Collectibles?

Cryptosoccr is built on the Ethereum blockchain and to buy the smart contract of your favourite player, you must first set up and deposit Ether to a metamask wallet.

The purchase process is straightforward and when your bid is successful the smart contract for your new player is confirmed on the blockchain and is linked directly to your ETH address.

Players are released at a nominal amount of 0.01 ETH after which their values can only increase with every trade. In the early stages, their values effectively double up to around the 0.5 ETH level after which each contract sale levels out to give around a 20% profit.

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Verification by Real Soccer Players

Whilst it's too early at this stage, Cryptosoccr intends to approach real players to verify the smart contracts it issues. Along with the credibility this will bring to the platform, it will also provide a charitable element.

Players will be able to donate 50% of the fees charged on their smart contract transactions (currently 6% per trade) to their selected charity.


Until the platform attracts a much larger user base, it is impossible to forecast whether the Cryptosoccr platform will take off.

There is no doubt that there is a huge market out there for Crypto Collectibles (remember CryptoKitties?!) and there is an increasing number of ICO's and DApp's aiming to cater for the Collectibles amongst us.

Sports and more specifically Soccer Collectibles will always attract the masses (think Panini stickers, Match programmes and more recently FIFA) and so I have no doubt, a similar front-runner will emerge on the blockchain. 

So, if you want to be the only real-world owner of Ronaldo's digital smart contract, visit Crypto Soccr via the referral code below and start your portfolio today! (Ronaldo is currently valued at over 1.5 ETH)

More updates will follow as the platform evolves.

*Please do not take this review or summary as a constitute to buy/invest into Crypto Soccr.

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