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Are you ready? Play-to-Earn Soccer Manager™ Crypto is almost upon us!


Soccer Manager Crypto (SMC)

Last updated June 12, 2018

The Soccer Manager brand has amassed over 50 million downloads across multiple platforms and promotion of their eagerly awaited Q4 scheduled launch of Soccer Manager Crypto is now being communicated to their existing users.  

Built on the Chimaera'The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform', all private and pre-sale participants that purchased CHI will be given a same value bonus of SMC (Soccer Manager Coins) along with a limited edition 'Legend' and early access to the game.

Soccer Manager Crypto is by far the most advanced Play-to-Earn Blockchain Soccer Game currently in development and so to stay ahead of the curve, simply stay connected with us in your preferred way.

First in-game screenshot we've come across for Soccer Manager Crypto.  Source: Soccer Manager


Chimaera - The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform 'Think it, Build it, Play it'

If you are yet to familiarise yourself with Chimaera, we encourage you to start by watching their Blockchain Gaming video. 

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Chimaera - Introduction to Blockchain Gaming

We’ve been wanting to build a blockchain soccer manager game for some time but have never found a suitable blockchain platform to host it on.

After a lot of research, we came across the Chimaera project whose team have been at the forefront of blockchain gaming for several years.

— Andrew Gore, CEO of Soccer Manager ™